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As directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR., we understand that writing a eulogy can be a very intimidating task. Although it is an honor to be asked to do so, if you have not had to deliver one before, or if you have a fear of public speaking, it can leave you with feelings of nervousness and anxiety. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, we are going to share some best practices to help you through.

What is a Eulogy?

If you aren’t familiar, a eulogy is a speech that is delivered at a funeral and commemorates the life of the deceased. It is typically given by a close friend or relative of the deceased and is delivered at a set time during the service. Planning a funeral is not an easy thing to do

The tone of the eulogy can be solemn, religious, or even a little funny. You just want to make sure the tone matches the tone of the service.

How Long is a Eulogy?

Eulogies are typically on the shorter side. They tend to last for just about three to five minutes when spoken or 500-100 words when written. You don’t want to go much over these guidelines as people tend to tune out after about five minutes. To ensure you have a meaningful and impactful speech that people pay attention to, it’s better to go short than lengthy. Traditional funeral with the deceased present in a casket at the service.

The Parts of a Eulogy

To help in writing the eulogy, it helps to break it down into sections. This way you can focus on one section at a time. These sections include:

  • Opener/ Introduction- Introduce who you are and your relationship to the deceased
  • Personal story / Biographical sketch- Talk about your loved one’s life and achievements as well as share any personal stories
  • An inspiring passage or poem – Share a meaningful reading
  • Closing – This can be a simple closing such as “Rest well, my friend”

Writing the Eulogy

funeral homes in Eugene, OR2It can be difficult to get started writing the eulogy. This is normal. Just know that you will most likely write, revisit, edit, then write again several times. This is all part of the process and will only make your eulogy better. Don’t get down if you feel you are having to rewrite it several times before it is ready. To help get you started, here are some tips:

  • Decide the tone- Do you want to eulogy to be solemn, funny, or serious? Deciding the overall tone can help you have a direction to write.
  • Find a quiet place- When you are ready to start writing, find a place where you will be less likely to be interrupted. This will give you the best chance for getting in the flow of writing and being able to stay in it
  • Write in bullet points- Instead of writing every word, it may be easier to write in bulleted points

Delivering a eulogy as part of services from funeral homes in Eugene, OR., can be daunting. Just make sure to follow these tips and speak from your heart and you will have a eulogy that guests will love to hear and will do your loved one proud.

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