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Throughout the centuries and across the globe, funerals have taken place. This form of ritual can be found in just about every culture in one form or another. Today, funerals are just as important and an integral part of someone’s passing from this world to the next. While funerals are meant to reflect on the lives lost and help that soul move forward, these ceremonies provide several other benefits. Directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR., share more.

One of the biggest benefits that funerals help us with is the processing of our grief. When we lose someone close to us, we typically go through different stages of grief. Not everyone will go through every stage, and some people may stay longer in one stage than another. Whatever your journey through grief looks like, funerals can help with processing by helping with acknowledging the new reality, remembrance, expression of our emotions, and finding meaning.

Acknowledging the reality of the death – When we lose a loved one, especially if it was a sudden death, it can take a little while to truly come to terms with the fact they are gone. A funeral can help us process this new reality.

Remembrance – Funerals provide a time to remember stories of the deceased and share them with one another. Telling favorite memories and stories of the deceased is great to not only honor and pay tribute to them but to connect with others who loved them as well. This can provide a wonderful support network.

funeral homes in Eugene, ORExpressionFunerals allow us a place to express our sorrow and thoughts and feelings about death in a safe and supportive space. We may feel awkward if we are at work or school and begin feeling sad or start to cry, but a funeral gives a space where it is okay to have these emotions and even better- to express them.

Finding Meaning – Funerals provide a time to reflect on the decease’s life as well as find meaning in our own. It allows us to reflect on how we can make our own life better and remember what is truly important in life and focus back on those things.

Begin the Healing Process – Funerals serve as a beginning to the closure. They serve as a time to say our goodbyes, find the closure we need, and begin the healing process. Having the support and love of our family and friends around us in this difficult time can also aid in our healing.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason funerals have taken place for thousands of years. Innately in us, we know that we need this time. We need this time to help our loved ones move on from this world to the next. We need this time to find closure and acceptance. And we need this time to come together with others and find the support we need in this difficult time.

If you would like more information on funerals or other services provided by funeral homes in Eugene, OR. call or come by anytime as we are always here to help.

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