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Dealing with death is not easy. It can leave you feeling depressed, lost, and overwhelmed. It is during this time that it is so important you find support to help you make sense of everything and work through it all in a healthy way. Grief support can be found in many different places and in many different forms. Providers of cremation services in Eugene, OR share where you can find the support you need.

In-Person Grief Support

Many people benefit from finding support where they can interact face-to-face. Luckily, there are many places to find such support. Some of the most common are support groups and private counseling.

Support Groups- Support groups offer a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by those who feel similar to you. Sharing your feelings and grief and hearing about theirs can help you understand you are not alone and that what you are feeling is valid. These groups can be found by contacting hospitals, churches, and even the city as many hold groups as part of community activities and outreach programs.

Private Counseling – While group settings can be great, some people may prefer to keep their feelings more private. This is where one-on-one counseling can be very beneficial. This can be done with a therapist or a grief counselor. These sessions are private and the grief professional will be able to get to know you on more of a personal level to help you work through and process your feelings. Another option that families choose is to keep the remains in a columbarium.

Online Grief Support

For those who do not wish to meet face-to-face, or need more flexibility with the location or time of meetings, online support may be the perfect fit. Finding online support is easy as there are so many forms available. Some of the most common that people turn to are:

Virtual Groups- These groups are held much like in-person groups except they are done virtually with video conferencing software or some other platform. They are held at specific days and times but allow more flexibility as anyone can join from any location.

Blogs-Blogs can be a great place to turn for support. This is because they will typically have articles and posts that share helpful tips and information as well as have a forum or comment section that allows you to interact with others who are also grieving

cremation services in Eugene, ORSocial Media- Social media can be another good place to turn as many, such as Facebook, host a place for online groups. These groups are not set up with a certain time or date but rather are open forums and places to chat whenever you feel.

YouTube- YouTube is the largest search engine after Google. This means that when you search for grief support you can find a wide range of videos from experts and professionals sharing tips, resources, and information to help you,

While grieving the death of your loved one can feel unbearable, reaching out and finding support can help you work through and process this pain in a healthy way, After your loved one’s cremation services in Eugene, OR., don’t hesitate to reach out and get the help you need.


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