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If you have been invited to attend a graveside service for a loved one, you may be a little nervous about attending. This is completely normal as these events are not something we attend often- or ever-in our lives. Not knowing what to expect or what’s expected of you can leave you feeling a tad unsure about the situation. If you find yourself in this position, keep reading as directors of funeral homes in Springfield, OR. share what you can expect so you can attend with confidence.

About a Graveside Service

A graveside service may take place at different times. Some may be held immediately after the funeral, while others may take place before a memorial service. The location of the service will be where the body or cremated remains will be buried or interred.

These services are much shorter than other types of services and typically consist of the officiant reading prayers and other readings and the body being lowered into the ground. There may be a eulogy given but the service is overall more minimal than a funeral or memorial service. Also, there may be an opportunity for guests to participate in the services such as taking part in shoveling dirt into the grave.

What to Wear for a Graveside Service

Just as with funerals and memorial services, you should aim for dress attire when selecting your outfit. Although these services tend to be shorter in length, they are still fairly formal in nature like a funeral. Clothes should be tasteful and appropriate.

Colors that work nicely are darker, somber tones of gray, olives, deep purples, and of course black. If you are not sure about any outfit, imagine you are attending church on Sunday morning. If your outfit would be appropriate for that setting, you should be fine.

Guests May Participate

As mentioned earlier, guests may have an opportunity to participate in the service. One way this may happen is if there are any call-and-response type of prayers recited by the officiant. If you feel comfortable in joining in, feel free to do so. If you are not sure what to say or would rather not join in, it is entirely acceptable to stand quietly and respectfully.

Another way guests may participate is by taking part in shoveling dirt into the grave. While this doesn’t take place at all services, if it occurs at the service you are attending, you have no obligation to join in. Just as with the call-and-response prayers, if you do not feel comfortable or wish to join in for any reason, it is perfectly acceptable to not partake.

Where to Sit at a Graveside Service

funeral homes in Springfield, ORIt can be a little awkward if you are not sure where to sit or stand at the service. After all, you don’t want to stand or sit too close and offend any family by taking their spot, but you also don’t want to be too far away and appear indifferent.

Most often than not, guests at a graveside service will stand. You may notice chairs when you arrive to the site but those are reserved for immediate family, the elderly, and others with disabilities that would cause them to need to sit. Taking a spot and standing behind these chairs is generally a good place to be.

Whether you are attending services at a gravesite or funeral homes in Springfield, OR. it can be intimidating if it is your first time. Hopefully, now that you know a little more of what to expect, you can start planning ahead and attend with confidence.

To learn more about Graveside Service in funeral homes in Springfield, OR, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our caring and compassionate staff is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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