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Many people may have heard the word “mausoleum” before and might even associate an image of an eerie stone building in a cemetery covered with spiderwebs. After all, that is how most movies make these structures appear. However, that is far from the truth. If you would like to know more about mausoleums and if they might be a good choice for you or a loved one, keep reading as directors of funeral homes in Springfield, OR share what you should know about these tombs.

Types of Mausoleums

A mausoleum is simply an above-ground structure that holds remains. These remains may be held in a casket or created remains will be held in urns. Mausoleums can be small, large, and anything in between. They may have one room or several. The room where the casket or urn is kept is called a crypt. Cultures around the world have been holding some type of funeral service for over thousands of years.

As mentioned, mausoleums can be found in a variety of sizes and designs. Some of the most commonly seen mausoleums include:

  • Chapel or Indoor Mausoleum- This is typically made up of several rooms, or crypts, where the caskets are kept. In the middle of the mausoleum is a larger room where visitors are able to sit and reflect. In some mausoleums, this room is also set up so that funeral services can be held there.
  • Single Crypt: This is a mausoleum that is meant to hold a single casket
  • Companion Crypt: This is a mausoleum designed to house two caskets
  • Public Mausoleum- This is a large (or sometimes small) building that houses many bodies. Anyone who purchases space can be allowed to be housed there.
  • Family Mausoleum- This is similar to a public mausoleum only that it is private for just one family. It is not open for the public to purchase space.
  • Garden Mausoleum- This type contains only crypts and does not have an indoor room for visitors to enter into.

Why Families May Choose a Mausoleum

funeral homes in Springfield, ORThere are several factors that make mausoleums attractive to families. One main advantage of a mausoleum is that because it is an enclosed structure, visitors to the mausoleum are protected from the outside elements such as hot or cold weather, rain, etc. This can make the visitation a nicer experience. It also provides more privacy which is nice for guests. Because of these reasons, visitors can relax and comfortably sit and connect with their loved ones.

Also, families who are eco-friendly may choose a mausoleum because it can take up less ground space and there is less of a carbon footprint. Since they are built vertically and can hold many caskets, they are more efficient at saving space than ground burials where the caskets are spaced out over a vast horizontal space.

In Conclusion

Although mausoleums may get a bad rap in movies, there are actually wonderful and beautiful options for above-ground burial. When making arrangements with funeral homes in Springfield, OR., talk to your funeral director and see if a mausoleum may be a good choice for your loved one.

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