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One of the most common questions that we hear as directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR is how to make services extra special. While there is a typical flow and order of events in almost all services such as funeral and graveside services, many families are looking for a way to change things up a bit or add in something new. Here are some ideas to add to the service to make it stand out.

Release Butterflies

Releasing butterflies at the end of a graveside service can be a beautiful and moving tribute to your loved one. It can also provide a visual representation of their spirit being carried off to heaven.

Butterfly releases are becoming more common for many events and as such, are becoming easier to organize as well as acquire butterflies. Many companies online will ship the butterflies right to your home or location. They will also provide containers for the butterflies to be kept in during the service. These containers can be individual for each guest to have and release one butterfly, or families can choose larger containers to hold and release multiple butterflies at once.

Get Children Involved

If the deceased had many grandchildren, some families may wish to get them involved. These grandchildren could recite a poem or sing a song. It is important to note that while this can make a wonderful addition to a service, things like the ages and maturity levels of the children should be taken into account. Some children may not be emotionally ready to handle such a task.

Share Memories

A wonderful way to honor the deceased is to have guests share their favorite memory about them at the service. This could be done as the service concludes and guests could take turns one-by-one recounting their favorite tail.

It is good to let guests know about this ahead of time so that they can have time to think about which favorite memory they would like to share. This will ensure that everyone who wishes to can get a chance to speak and that this portion of the service moves along smoothly.

Personalize the Funeral Favor

funeral homes in Eugene, ORFuneral favors are trinkets or gifts that the family provides to guests who attend the services. These could be given out at the funeral or graveside service and oftentimes include things like prayer cards.

However, this is a perfect opportunity to personalize the service and make it unique for your loved one. Instead of handing out a typical funeral favor, think about what your loved one liked and have a favor that coordinates with this. For example, did they love to bake? You could hand out a cookie cutter with their favorite cookie recipe attached. If they loved to garden you could have our seed packets.

There are many ways to make your loved one’s services unique and a little different than others. As directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR. our job is to help you plan the perfect and most fitting arrangements possible for your loved one. You can feel confident we will do everything we can to ensure your loved one’s service is everything you imagine.





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