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As providers of cremation services in Eugene, OR., we get asked a lot of questions. Most of these questions address such things as the overall cost, the process, as well as what other services, if any, can be held with cremation. In this post, we are going to go answer some of these most commonly asked questions.

Is Cremation Expensive?

While cremation can be one of the least expensive options, it can also come in at a very high price point. The overall price will depend on what actual services the family chooses. For example, with direct cremation, there are no services prior such as a funeral or visitations. Therefore no embalming or casket purchase or rental is needed, all which keeps the price low. However, with other cremation services that allow time for funerals and such, these services will add additional costs. If you are on a limited or specific budget, talk with your funeral director to learn about the best cremation options for you.

How Soon Is the Body Cremated?

Although this process can vary slightly from state to state and even in different countries, the cremation will normally happen within 24-48 hours after the person has passed away. Of course, this will not be the case if the family wishes to hold a funeral or other services as the body will most likely then be embalmed.

Can the Family Witness the Cremation?

Many crematories have areas where the family may go to witness the cremation. Before the cremation begins, the family will be led into the viewing room. This room is a nice, comfortable space with a glass pane looking into the crematory room. The body of the deceased will be placed in the cremation chamber and the door will be closed. The cremation will then begin. Because cremation takes hours to complete, the family will not stay the entire time. Typically they will be in the room a few minutes after the cremation begins and then be led out by the funeral director or other staff.

What Can You Do with the Cremains?

Today, there are a number of ways families can choose to handle their loved one’s remains. Of course, the most common is to keep them in a display urn or to scatter them. However, families can now choose to have the cremains made into a diamond, sent into space, infused with glass to create a sculpture, or even used in the ink of a tattoo. There is no shortage of traditional as well as creative and unique ways families can handle the cremains.

cremation services in Eugene, OR Can Other Services Accompany Cremation?

This is a very common question as families who choose cremation may also wish for their loved one to have a funeral, viewing, or other service. These families are relieved to discover that any service available with a burial can also be performed in conjunction with a cremation. These services include things like funerals, viewings, and visitations.

One thing to note is that many of these services may have the body present, they will need to be held before the cremation. Also, the body will need to be preserved so embalming and other service will need to be performed. These services will make the overall cost much higher than the cremation alone.

Final Thoughts

We know choosing cremation services in Eugene, OR. for your loved one is not an easy thing to do. That’s why we invite you to call or visit us in person anytime and talk one-on-one with a funeral director about all your loved one’s needs.

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