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We all know the importance of preplanning our final arrangements yet few people actually take the time to do so. While the reasons people put this off are many, we are going to cover some of the most common. As providers of cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR., we are listing the top three reasons we hear people putting off preplanning.

1. I’m Too Busy

This is probably the most common excuse people make for not preplanning their arrangements. Look, we get it. In this day and age, we are all running around multitasking from one project and chore to the next. Between work, school, kids, bills, and more it is easy to put things off. The thing is though, we seem to have time for things we put a value on. The thing is, if something is important, we will make or find the time to get it done. Make preplanning a priority and you may be amazed at how the time to do so appears.

2. I’m Too Young

When we are young, we feel invincible. Nothing is going to happen to us and if it does, it won’t be that bad. As we get older, however, we understand that is simply not the case. Things can happen no matter what age you may be. Even if you are young and healthy, nobody can ever guarantee how much time you have in this world.

Even if you don’t make the actual final arrangements, you can still begin thinking and planning for them by starting a savings account or at least making your last wishes known in writing.

3. I Don’t Want to Think About My Death

Trust us, you are not alone. Nobody likes thinking about their own death. Thinking about one’s own mortality and facing death can be a very uncomfortable issue for many people. However, once the preplanning is complete and you know your family s taken care of and your last wishes are known and will be completed, you can have a big peace of mind knowing that it is all taken care of.

Why You Should Preplan

cremation services in Cottage Grove, ORAll three of the above reasons are valid in people’s minds for putting off preplanning. However, they should still not stop you from making your arrangements. Not only does preplanning ensure your last wishes are made known and followed, but it eases the stress and burden off of your family at the time of your passing.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to burials or cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR. it just makes sense to preplan. Not only does it help to make your last wishes known and ensured they are carried out, but it also provides several benefits to your family. One is that they will not have to wonder what you would have wanted or try to decide on services as everything will already be laid out. Also, many times you can prepay meaning your family will not have to struggle with a financial burden later.


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