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Funeral receptions play a big role in the morning process. Typically, families will host such an event after the services from funeral homes in Springfield, OR to provide a time where friends and family can gather in a less formal environment to continue supporting one another and honoring the deceased.

Cultures around the world have been holding some type of funeral service for thousands of years. Most often there is food served and one of the most common ways is with a buffet-style service. Although fairly simple to execute, there are some tips that can make your buffet look amazing and ensure it runs smoothly.

Control the Direction

You want your guests to have a clear understanding of where the buffet begins and what direction it goes. You always want to ensure that the line for the buffet doesn’t block any important areas of the room such as access to restrooms or other tables. To do this, you need to plan the direction of the buffet. A few common choices include:

  • Traditional Line-This is the easiest and most common way for buffets to flow where guests form one line and work from the beginning to the end of the table.
  • Full circle- This method uses a circular table and has the guests moving around it. This is a great format for rooms with limited space.
  • Dual Side- This is a good method when there are several guests as this way can accommodate more people at the buffet at one time with a line forming on either side of the table.

funeral homes in Springfield, ORSetting up the Buffett

The way you arrange the buffet not only helps in its overall appearance, but it can also assist guests with finding items easily and understanding where to go next. Some tips for setting up a successful buffet include:

  • Vary the heights- Varying the heights of the items lets guests have a clear view of what is being offered. Not only that but it also dramatically improves the look of the buffet’s overall design.
  • Label dishes- It is a good idea to label the dishes that you are serving so that guests can easily know what it is and if they would like some or not.
  • Save utensils for the end Placing all utensils for the guests at the end of the buffet is extremely helpful so that the guests don’t have to carry such items as they make their way down the line.
  • Separate drinks from food – Keep the food and drinks separately by placing them on different tables. If there is no room for multiple tables, then keep the drinks together and place them at the end of the buffet table
  • Fill in gaps with décor- To keep your table looking good, fill in any gaps with things like candles, flowers, or another appropriate décor.

Final Thoughts

Buffets can offer a wonderful way to serve guests at your funeral reception since there is such a variety of ways they can be set up. A well-organized buffet will have a clear beginning and end, have food items that are labeled, and provide everything the guests need to enjoy their food.

If you would like more information about funeral receptions or other services offered by funeral homes in Springfield, OR., please feel free to reach out and talk with one of our funeral directors one-on-one about your needs.

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