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While we all know death is inevitable, discussing it can leave us feeling anxious and very uncomfortable. Although these feelings are not pleasant, if possible it is important that plans are made before the passing takes place. This is to not only help ease the stress and burden of those who are left behind to handle everything but also to ensure that the deceased’s last wishes are known and followed as they wanted. As directors of funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR., we know this topic and be a difficult one so we have these tips to help.

Hold a Family Meeting

It is important to begin this process with a family meeting. Make sure you have everyone attending who will be playing a role in the process. This could mean that it is just immediate family or you may have extended family members who wish to be involved. If members are out of town or spread across the state or county, consider having a video meeting using software such as Zoom.

During this meeting, you want to lay out who will be handling what and make notes of everyone’s role and exact responsibility so there is no confusion later. Having a meeting like this now will provide a clear plan of action for each family member to take when the death occurs.

Things that will need to be decided include, but are not limited to:

  • Who will be responsible for making the funeral arrangements?
  • Who will handle securing the house, mail, and other property?
  • Who will handle the monetary affairs such as credit cards, bank accounts, loans, etc.?
  • How will their final wishes be carried out?
  • Who will be responsible for letting the rest of the family know when the death has occurred?

Have All Needed Documents

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Other than a detailed plan of action, you will need to ensure that all important documents are filled out, organized, and easily accessible to the family member that will need them. Some of these documents include:

  • Power of Attorney (PO) – This is important as it appoints someone to act on behalf of your loved one should they become incapable of handling affairs on their own.
  • A Will – This document outlines how the deceased’s affairs and personal property will be handled
  • An Advanced Directive – This covers your loved one’s end-of-life wishes and medical treatments such as if they wish to be resuscitated or not
  • Funeral Home/ Cemetery Papers – Gather any documentation regarding burial plots or preplanning arrangements


In Conclusion

It is never easy to talk about or especially plan for a death. This is true if it is a loved one’s passing or your own. However, planning everything out and having everything in place with a set plan can help immensely when the time comes. Think about it. We plan birthday parties, vacations, and weddings, why would we not plan something as important as a passing?

If you would like more information for preplanning your loved one’s funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR, we are here and available for you anytime.

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