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Many people choose cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR. because they wish to have the cremains scattered or released in a meaningful space. However, others may wish to keep the cremains in an urn close to them in their home. But what if you are torn and not sure which choice would be best?

If you are struggling with this choice, it may be a good idea to take some time and think about all of the advantages and disadvantages of both options. While this is still a daunting decision for many, knowing a little more about each option may help you better decide.


Releasing the Remains

Many families choose to release the remains of their loved ones for various reasons. Some of these can include:

  • It is what the deceased wanted
  • It can be more environmentally friendly
  • Some cultures look at it as a way for freeing the soul or spirit
  • It can be viewed as a “full circle” of returning to the earth
  • The act of releasing the remains can symbolize also releasing feelings of grief and loss

Another benefit that many individuals and families may get from releasing the remains is that it helps bring them closure. They may have a ceremony prior similar to a small memorial service where friends and family can gather and say their last goodbyes to their loved one. Also, the visual of the cremains being carried away can provide some people comfort. It serves as a symbol of their spirit going on to the next chapter.

The downside to this act is that, while there may be a physical place to come back to and visit, there is no real marker or monument that acts as a permanent tribute to your loved one. If having a physical marker is important to you or your family, you may wish to choose another option.


Keeping the Remains at Home

cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR The option of keeping the cremains in your home is a very attractive option to many people as it feels as if you are keeping your loved one close. Their urn severs as a visual tribute to them and can help those left behind feel more connected to their loved ones.

The drawback to this is that the remains are in just one home. While it is possible to divide the remains into keepsake urns so that several family members can each have their own, some families may not feel comfortable with this practice. Because of this, the remains may stay all in one home making it difficult for other family members to visit with the deceased. Pre-planning relieves the choice-making burden on the family when feelings and emotions limit one’s ability to focus on options that carry financial obligations.


Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with the choice of where to place your loved one’s cremains after their cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR., know that you are not alone. This is not an easy decision and not one that should be taken lightly. Make sure you fully consider both options as well as their pros and cons. Also, take some time to search your heart and feel what’s right. This is your choice, don’t let others persuade you into something you may not wish to do.

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