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As directors of cremation services in Eugene, OR., we often get asked if families can hold a viewing with a cremation. The answer is yes. In fact, we recommend it. This is because a viewing can hold many benefits for the deceased’s family as well as those who attend. Keep reading to learn more about viewings, their benefits, and how they work with cremation.

What is a Viewing?

A viewing, also often times called a visitation, is an event that happens before the cremation. It is typically a more casual event than a funeral or memorial service. It is also a come-an-go type of event where guests arrive and leaves on their own time anywhere during the viewing hours.

The viewing may be held anywhere but is most commonly held at the funeral home, church, or a family member’s home. When the guest arrives they will have a chance to offer their condolences to the family and say their final goodbyes to the deceased. There may be light refreshments served such as cookies and punch.

Is the Body of the Deceased Present?

Normally the body of the deceased is present at the viewing. Because the body will be displayed in a casket, embalming services are typically rendered. This is the same even if the body will be cremated afterward.

Since the body will be cremated, families often have the option of renting a casket for viewing rather than purchasing one. When this happens, the body is placed in a cremation container that is then set inside the casket. Only the casket will be visible. After the viewing, the body will be taken to the cremation facility and the casket lining will be replaced, and the casket will be cleaned for use in the future.

Reasons Families Choose to Hold a Viewing

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While every family may have different reasons for wanting to hold a viewing for their loved one before the funeral, there are some benefits that viewings can provide to all families. Some of these benefits include:

  • Helps start the grieving process – When a loved one passes away, it can seem like a dream or as if it’s not real. While this is a way for our minds to cope with the situation at first, we need to acknowledge the reality of the passing to begin to heal from it. The viewing allows us to do this.
  • Share memories of your loved one – The viewing is a wonderful opportunity to hear others share their favorite stories about your loved one. It’s also a lovely time to display various pictures or items of your loved one with a memorial tribute or display. This gives guests a chance to learn even more about their loved ones.
  • Gain support – Losing a loved one is painful. It hurts, and it brings feelings with it of loss, confusion, sadness, anger, and more. Having a viewing and being able to connect with those who are also grieving this loss can be extremely helpful in letting you feel supported and loved. This can go a long way in the grieving process.

If you would like to learn more about viewings and cremation services in Eugene, OR. contact us anytime. Our cremation directors are available to meet with you one-on-one and discuss all your cremation needs.

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