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When a loved one passes away, you of course want to honor them with a service that is appropriate, respectful, and fitting. While most people are familiar with and hold funeral services, there is another option that is gaining popularity. Celebration of life services, as they are called, are being held more and more. Keep reading as we dive into these two services, what they are, and how they differ so that you can best decide which to discuss when talking to funeral homes in Eugene, OR.

Funeral Services

Most people are familiar with funeral services. Even if they have not attended one in person, these events are often portrayed on television and in movies. During this service, there is typically an officiant who will oversee the flow and order of the service. The actual service will start with a welcome and then move the service along to prayer readings, music selections, eulogies, and finally, a closing.

The overall tone and mood of a funeral service is a quiet and solemn one. Guests who attend typically wear clothes that are black or other dark colors.

Celebration of Life Service

The main difference between a celebration of life event and a funeral service is the overall tone and mood of the event. Whereas a funeral service is more solemn in nature, a celebration of life event is just that; a celebration. These events focus on celebrating the life of the deceased rather than the grieving or religious process. Therefore, these services may feel more happy and joyous and feel more like a party.

A celebration of life service is very similar to that a funeral service in that there is typically an officiant who will oversee the event and order of service. Also, the elements of the service may be very closely related to that of a funeral service with it including a welcome, prayers or readings, music selections, and eulogies

Because these services are more upbeat and celebratory they can be found being held in all types of locations from funeral homes and churches to restaurants, parks, backyards, and more.

funeral homes in Eugene, OR Which Service Should You Choose?

Of course, which service you should choose will differ for every family and what they need. If your family or loved one was very religious, then a funeral might be a better option since it is the more traditional choice.

However, if your loved one was a more untraditional person, or if your family would rather have an event that was positive, uplifting, and more celebratory, then a celebration of life service would be much more appropriate.

And of course, remember that will be both a funeral and a celebration of life service, they can be changed and personalized to fit your loved one better.

As directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR., we are here to help you arrange and plan the perfect service for your loved one, whatever that may be. Call or come by anytime as we are here and available to help you anytime.

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