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People choose cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR for different reasons, One common reason is that they would like their remains to be scattered after their death. This could be anywhere from scattered in a park, the ocean, a cremation garden, or even on family property. A wonderful way to honor their wishes as well as pay tribute to their life is by holding a casting ceremony.

What is a Casting Ceremony?

Also called ash scattering ceremonies, these services can be held like a memorial service with a format or as a more free-flow party type of atmosphere as with a celebration of life event. Whatever type of service is decided, the remains will be released either as part of the service or after. This could be done by one person such as a family member or officiant, or it can be completed by several people with each having a portion of the remains to be released.

When are Casting Ceremonies Held?

When you decide to hold your casting ceremony is up to you. One advantage of these ceremonies is that since the body has been disposed of, there is more time and flexibility to plan the perfect ceremony. This can be a much-welcomed relief for the family as they have time to take care of other things that deal with their loved one’s passing and not have to stress about planning a ceremony at the same time.

Where are Casting Ceremonies Held?

Casting ceremonies are held at the actual location of the release. It is important to note that it may not be legal to release ashes in certain places. Other places where it may be legal, still might require permits or have certain rules that need to be followed. This is why it is always important for the family to check with the location directly prior to any release or ceremony.

Considerations When Planning a Casting Ceremony

cremation services in Cottage Grove, OROnce a family has decided on the location and ensured all rules and regulations are being followed, there are other considerations they will need to keep in mind. Some of these are:

  • The needs of the guests – Sine this ceremony will be held outdoors, guests may need things like chairs or other seating, water, access to a restroom, a shaded area if in the hot sun, umbrellas or a canopy if raining, etc.
  • Event supplies- Depending on your service, you may need things like a microphone, speakers, or another sound system, a projector, tables for memorial tribute, and or a sign-in book. What you need will depend on what type of service you choose as well as the size.

Final Thoughts

Casting ceremonies are a wonderful way to honor your loved one and release their ashes after their cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR Whether it is a somber, more quiet service, or a more boisterous, joyful, celebration of life type event, casting ceremonies can be a healing and therapeutic way to say goodbye and release your loved one back into nature.

If you would like more information about Casting Ceremony or other options for your loved one’s remains in Cottage Grove, OR, we have dedicated and experienced staff to assist you in a respectful and compassionate manner.

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