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Your loved one deserves the best. This is no different when they have passed. Although there are several caskets that are durable, beautiful, and budget-friendly, if you wish to give your loved one the best of the best, you might consider a luxury casket. These luxury caskets are typically on the higher end of the price range but come in premium materials and are able to be customized for your loved one. Directors of funeral homes in Springfield, OR. discuss some of the most popular choices of these luxury options.

Solid Cherry Wood Casket

Most people are familiar with cherry wood. This type of wood is characterized by its beautiful grain pattern as well as its rich deep red-hue color. If you are looking for a luxury casket but still want to save money this is a great option as it has a lower price point than some of its counterparts.

Even though these caskets may be at a lower price point, there are still several ways you can customize them for your loved one. Just a few of these ways are choosing a custom interior lining for the casket as well as a personalized image or words embroidered on the inside of the lid so that it shows when the lid is open.

Although these cherry wood caskets are on the lower end of the luxury pricing, families can still expect to pay anywhere from $3000-$8500 depending on the provider as well as the options chosen. Pre-planning relieves the choice-making burden on the family when feelings and emotions limit one’s ability to focus on options that carry financial obligations.

Solid Mahogany Wood Casket

If families wish to have a wooden casket, another popular luxury casket option is the solid mahogany casket. These caskets, like the cherry wood caskets, are made from solid wood and have a distinct look. Solid mahogany caskets have a deep color and are finished with a high gloss shine giving them a very clean and luxurious look and feel. These can also be customized with lining choices and embroidery work.

Solid mahogany caskets do come with a higher price tag than solid cherry wood caskets as these mahogany caskets can range from $3000-$12000 depending on the vendor and options chosen.

Solid Bronze Casket

For families who wish to have a different material other than wood, a very popular option is the solid bronze casket. These caskets can rand from $3500-$10000. As with the wooden caskets, the factors that go into the cost include the custom options you choose as well as the vendor. However, another factor that determines the pricing in the bronze count. A bronze count is a number that represents how much bronze is in every foot of metal. For example, a 32-ounce bronze casket means that there are 32 ounces of bronze in every foot of metal. The higher the bronze count, the higher the overall price of the casket.

Handmade Custom Casket

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If you wish to truly have a custom one-of-a-kind casket for your loved one, a handmade casket is a great option. Although these caskets may not look as fancy as some other luxury options, they are handmade by artisans and other skilled individuals and are truly a work of art.

These handmade caskets can range greatly in price depending on the artisan who is creating it but a good average price is around $4000.

Final Thoughts

When your loved one passes away, you will have many options of caskets to shop from. Everything from very simple, basic designs to high-end luxury options as we talked about here today. Whichever your choose directors of funeral homes in Springfield, OR. strongly encourage you to stay within your budget. Although it can be tempting to purchase a higher-priced option for your loved one, you want to make sure you are happy with your choice down the line.



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