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Did your loved one want their ashes scattered after their cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR? Have you been tasked with the job of finding the spot and making sure it’s even legal to do so? Luckily, most places do allow for the scattering of human cremains as long as the policies and rules that go along with it are followed.

While each location will have its own set of policies and rules, there are some general guidelines that cover some of the main rules. As always, you need to make sure to contact the location specifically to check about the individual rules and regulations of said location.

Releasing Ashes at a National Park

cremation services in Cottage Grove, ORMost all United States National Parks allow for families to release ashes, while National Forests do not. Because of this, when selecting your location, make sure you are selecting a national park and not a forest.

Once you have selected the park you wish to use, it’s always a good idea to call them directly and double-check any rules. Also, many times parks may have temporary closures of certain areas or trails that may impact your ceremony and they can inform you of any of these when you call. A wonderful way to honor their wishes as well as pay tribute to their life is by holding a casting ceremony.

As a general guide, most parks allow releasing as long as you follow these rules:

  • No marker or headstone of any kind can be left at the site
  • The ashes must be scattered away from developed areas such as campgrounds, buildings, and trails
  • Remains must be scattered and are not allowed to be buried

Some parks may require a permit prior to the release. You can typically obtain these from the park’s website.

If you would like to release your loved one’s remains at a state park, the rules are very similar. Just make sure to call the specific park ahead of time and check about regulations. Funerals can help with processing by helping with acknowledging the new reality, remembrance, expressing our emotions, and finding meaning.

Releasing Remains at Sea

Some families may choose to release the remains at sea. This can be a beautiful tribute and luckily, is also allowed as long as you follow basic rules which include:

  • If placing the ashes in an urn in the water, the urn must be biodegradable and dissolve quickly and completely
  • If you are adding any flowers into the water, they, too, must dissolve quickly and completely and not pose any hazard to any sea life
  • The releasing must be done at least three nautical miles away from any land
  • You must notify the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) within thirty days of the releasing

If you are interested in this idea, there are companies that can help you. They will handle the rules and permits and have boats you can rent for the release ceremony. An online search will yield different companies to choose from.

Scattering on Private Lands

If you wish to scatter the remains on private land, you must get the permission of the land owner. No exceptions. If you are caught releasing the ashes and did not get permission, you can be arrested and booked for trespassing.

With cremation services in Cottage Grove, OR. becoming more widely accepted, more and more places are allowing cremains to be released. Just always check with the local law enforcement and any private owners to ensure you are not breaking any laws.

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