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Have you heard of the term “upcycle”? If not, it simply means to take an old item and give it new life by turning it into a new, different item. It is a wonderful way to help the environment and an even better way to help honor your loved one. You can use anything you wish from your loved one’s old jewelry to their guitar. However, today we are going to look at ways to upcycle their old clothing. If you want a way to remember your loved one after their cremation services in Eugene, OR here are some ideas you can try.

1. Creating Food Wraps

While food wraps might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to reusing old clothing, this is a wonderful and easy idea. All you need to do is first cut the sizes and shapes of the fabric you wish from the old clothing. Then grab some beeswax (which can be found online, or grocery store) and melt it down. Apply the melted beeswax to the fabric with a paintbrush in an even layer and hang to dry in a cool place. You can find exact instructions as well as videos online at sites like YouTube.

2. Make a Cushion Cover

Have a pillow you want to cover? Don’t know how (or want to) sew? Grab one of your loved one’s old t-shirts and you can create a no-sew cushion cover in minutes. Finding DIY tutorials for this is easy online as there are plenty of them. If you would like to make something more permanent, there are also options that use sewing. These pillows are great to cuddle up with on the couch or would make a wonderful gift for other family members.

3. Get Warm and Cozy

If you are wanting to create something a little warm and cozy, consider using one of your loved one’s sweaters and creating a pair of winter mittens. Not only will they keep your hands warm, but they will also bring warmth to your heart all winter long.

If mittens aren’t your thing, you can also find DIY videos on how to turn an old sweater into a pair of slippers. These would also make wonderful holiday presents for other family members.

cremation services in Eugene, OR4. Get Floral

Do you love flowers? Search online and you can find a ton of tutorials showing you how to make various flowers from fabric pieces. This is a great idea because you can then use these fabric flowers on various items such as adding them to an existing jacket or purse, or even using them as decorations when gift wrapping presents. The possibilities are truly endless.

Final Thoughts

After your loved one’s cremation services in Eugene, OR., upcycling their old clothing can bring you comfort as well as aid in the healing process. And with upcycling being such a big trend, there is no shortage of ideas as well as DIY videos and tutorials to help you. Simply search online and you will find a ton of ideas and inspiration. If a family would like to be interred together, columbariums provide that opportunity.

Whether you desire a simple cremation, burial, or a complete funeral for your loved one, our professional staff is committed to keeping your final needs affordable, dignified, and personal.

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