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When you are making arrangements with funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. you will have many decisions to make. While choosing the headstone is just one of them, for many people it can be the most stressful. If you take your time and avoid these common mistakes, you will end up with a headstone that is the perfect tribute for your loved one. Keep reading to learn what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.


Not Having a Set Budget Before You Shop

Burials can be expensive. There are many costs that are associated with this service such as the casket, funeral flowers and favors, memorial programs, and more. With headstones being an additional cost and ranging anywhere from $300-$2000 and more it is important to know how much you want (and should) spend on this item.

To make sure you stay within your overall budget, you will need to know what that budget it. Before you even begin shopping for your loved one’s headstone make sure to set a reasonable range you are comfortable spending and let the headstone provider know so that they only show your options within that range.


Choosing the Wrong Material

With headstones today being made from everything from wood to steel and everything in between, it’s important to know which material would be best for your climate and situation.

For example, a headstone made from marble can be a gorgeous tribute since it is smooth and polishes well. However, it is also susceptible to moisture which, over time, can erode the details carved on the stone such as the name and dates.

To make sure you choose the very best material for your circumstances, when choosing your headstone, ask questions and make sure the material will have the properties you are looking for.


Not Consulting the Cemetery First

funeral homes in Cottage Grove, ORMany cemeteries have very specific policies on what types of headstones are, and are not, permitted. Some may have rules that limit the size or shape, while others may limit what type of material the headstone can be made from.

To avoid this mistake, always consult with the specific cemetery on their rules and policies before you even begin shopping for the headstone.


Not Taking Your Time

While you may have some time constraints for when you would like the headstone to be ready, don’t rush this decision and go with something less than you truly want. This is a big decision and you don’t want to purchase something quickly just to have the process be over, only to regret the purchase later.

Make sure you take the time you need to feel confident you are making the right choice. Also, don’t be afraid to look around and see all the options that are available.


Final Thoughts

Selecting a headstone for your loved one’s gravesite is not easy. As directors of funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. we understand this can be a challenging process. We hope these tips have helped and we want you to remember that we are here to help you.

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