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While most people agree that preplanning their final arrangements is important, very few people actually follow through with the action. As directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR., we understand it can be uncomfortable thinking about your own passing, however, ensuring things have been planned, organized, and laid out can help those left behind know what we want and help ease some of their burdens.

Preplanning requires you to think about many aspects. Because of this, there are certain aspects many people overlook when making these important plans. To help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes, keep reading to learn what not to overlook.

Wishes for Services

The first thing to decide when it comes to preplanning your services is what type you would like to have. If you are religious, you may wish to have a funeral. Along with the funeral you may also wish to have a wake, visitation, or viewing.

If you are not a very religious person you may consider instead having a celebration of life service or simple memorial. These are similar to funerals but tend to be more secular in nature.

Details of the Service

Next, you will need to think about the details of the service. Are there any specific songs you would like played? Maybe you have certain passages or readings you would like recited. Should the guests all wear black or is there a favorite color you would like incorporated? Perhaps you have someone in mind to officiant the service or a certain location you would like the service to be held. Consider the different elements of the service and voice any wishes you have.

Burial / Gravesite Wishes

funeral homes in Eugene, ORTypically there will be a committal service at the gravesite after the funeral. Although this service is much shorter than a funeral, there are still ways to personalize and customize as you wish. Make sure to make any wishes known about how you would like this service to be held.

Other than the service, there is the site itself. What plot would you like? One by the road? One with more privacy? And then there are things like the headstone. Is there a certain epitaph you would like engraved? Do you have a nickname that you would like included on the stone? Any specific emblem or image that should be included in the engraving? Whatever you decide, make sure to check with the cemetery since each one has different rules on what is (and what isn’t) allowed when it comes to headstones.

Final Thoughts

Preplanning your final arrangements can be as basic or as detailed as you wish. Working with funeral directors from funeral homes in Eugene, OR., will help you know exactly what you should be focusing on and including and help ensure that no important elements get overlooked. Once your preplanning is complete, make sure to share your wishes (and all of the paperwork) with your family so they will know exactly what needs to be done when the time comes.

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