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Those who have served in the armed forces are a special breed. They have put their own safety and security aside for those they protect. Whether your loved one was in career military or served in the reserves, they deserve our greatest respect and gratitude. When you are talking to funeral homes in Springfield, OR. about your loved one’s arrangements, make sure you talk to them about military honors.

What Are Military Honors?

If your loved one passed away during their active-duty military career, they are entitled to receive free military honors provided under the National Defense Act. Veterans and retirees are also eligible. The type of honors provided depends on how long your loved one was in service as well as the type of service they were in. Typically, services provided include at a minimum:

  • Flag ceremony- This is a process where the United States flag is folded into a triangle with blue and starts visibly on the outside.
  • Presentation of the flag to the family- After the flag is folded, the representative from the military will present it to the spouse, child, parent, or next of kin and thank them for their loved one’s service.
  • The playing of Taps- This is also called “Day is Done”, and “Butterfly’s Lullaby” and is typically played on a bugle or trumpet.

How to Get Military Honors

Military honors do have to be requested. When meeting with your funeral director they can help make sure you have all of the proper paperwork and forms and will typically file everything for you. If you are not working with a funeral home, you can visit the government’s website and request the honors yourself.

Additional Ways to Celebrate and Honor Your Loved One

funeral homes in Springfield, OR While military honors are a moving and touching tribute, there are other, smaller ideas you can also add to honor your loved one’s service. Some of these include things like:

  • Creating a military display – Create a display that shows off your loved one’s medals, uniform, pictures, achievements, and any other items from their time in service. This could be arranged on a display table or used in an area of the room. You could also make everything digital and create a tribute video that will play during a service.
  • Personalize the guest book – A guest book is a chance for guests to write any good wishes or messages they would like for the family. Personalize it for your loved one by adding a special seal or cover, ribbons, or military fabric from a service uniform.
  • Incorporate colors – Create a space full of patriotic colors. You can do this by choosing flowers and another décor that uses these colors. Additionally, you can also ask guests to incorporate these colors into their wardrobe or you could provide a ribbon or pin for guests to wear.

Final Thoughts

If your loved one served in the armed forces, make sure they get the honors they deserve. If you need additional information on how to request military honors or would like to talk about services from funeral homes in Springfield, OR., reach out to us anytime as we are here and always available to help.

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