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When making arrangements with funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR for your loved one’s services, one of your options will be to hold a viewing. This service can be held whether your loved one will be buried or cremated and can serve as a healing and very therapeutic event. To learn more about this service, and how they help us heal keep reading.

What is a Viewing?

A viewing is a service that is held before the funeral or cremation and provides guests and family a casual atmosphere to visit and offer condolences. These events do not have a set schedule or format as they are a come-an-go, free-flow affair. During the viewing, the body of the deceased will be present in a casket. The top of the casket will most likely be open so that guests can view the body.

As mentioned, a viewing is more casual than a funeral service so while guests still want to look nice, the dress is not as formal as with a funeral. Also, there might be light refreshments such as cookies and punch served.

It is important to know that often times the terms “viewing” and “visitation”, and used interchangeably. While these services do share some similarities, they are not the same. A visitation differs as the body of the deceased is typically not present.

Benefits of a Viewing

funeral homes in Cottage Grove, ORHolding a viewing can be healing for both the grieving family as well as the guests. Some of the ways visitations help us heal are:

  • Allows validations of our feelings – When we lose someone close to us we can feel lost, confused, angry, sad, and even fearful. We may oftentimes think we are the only ones experiencing these feelings. Talking to others at a viewing can make us realize that we are not alone and that our feelings are valid and not uncommon.
  • Provides an opportunity to say goodbye – A viewing gives us a chance to say a final goodbye or another message to our loved one. Often times we have things left unsaid when someone passes, especially if the passing was sudden. By approaching the casket, seeing our loved one, and being able to say to them the words we need to, we can find closure and start to heal.
  • Helps us accept the new reality – It is never easy to accept the fact that someone we love is gone. Often times we may not even cry or even really believe it for a short time. While this can be normal and a way our minds help us cope, eventually we need to come to terms with the new reality. Viewings can help us in this by visually seeing the body as well as friends and family mourning. While it may not be easy to see, it can actually help us to process the death and start to heal.

With the benefits they provide, you can see why many families hold viewings at funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR To learn more about viewings call today and talk directly with a funeral director to answer all your questions.

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