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Many families may plant a tree with their loved one’s ashes after their cremation services in Eugene, OR. This is because not only does it serve as a tribute to their loved one, but it is also something the family can see and enjoy as it grows and thrives year after year. If you are considering planting a tree with your loved one’s ashes, keep reading as we cover everything you need to know. Grief support can be found in many different places and in many different forms.

Supplies You Will Need

The first thing you will need to have is an urn. There are many biodegradable options to choose from as well as specifically designed tree kit urns. You want to make sure the urn you choose is appropriate for ground burial as you want to avoid placing anything in the ground that is not biodegradable as it can harm the environment.

Do I Have to Use an Urn?

It is best to use an urn for the cremains. This is because placing the cremated remains directly into the ground can actually interfere with the growth of the tree because they have a high ph balance.

If you really rather not use an urn then make sure to find a specific soil mixture that you mix the cremated remains into. This mixture is designed to help lower the ph balance which will help the tree grow.

Selecting a Tree

Before you purchase your tree, it is important to do a little research and know what types of trees do well in your environment and climate. You can find information about this online or visit a local nursery or arboretum and talk to a professional.

Planting the Tree

cremation services in Eugene, ORIf the tree you have chosen is just a seedling, then dig a hole approximately 7” deep and place the urn and the seed into the hole. Cover the urn with the soil making sure there is a layer covering the urn of about 1”. Water occasionally as needed.

If the tree you have chosen has already begun to grow, you will want to dig a hole 2-3 times the size of the tree’s root ball. Before planting, you want to loosen the tree’s roots by laying the tree on its side and using your fingers, to loosen the dirt and roots. Place the urn in the dirt with the tree and cover the hole. You may need to stake the tree to ensure it is secure as it grows.

Where to Plant Your Tree

If you have a space on your own land or yard, then planting a tree there can be quite easy as there are no rules or laws to check with first. However, if you do not have room, you can consider planting the tree in a local park, school, or arboretum. Most places will allow some for this to take place as long as you follow any set rules.

Following these tips and planting a tree with your loved one’s ashes after their cremation services in Eugene, OR., can be a wonderful and very therapeutic event.

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