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With so many people taking on more and more D.I.Y projects, it is no wonder that many families are choosing to create their own urns for their loved one’s cremains. This may be due to a variety of reasons from trying to keep the cost down to wanting to make something truly special and unique. If you are interested in creating an urn yourself for your loved one’s cremains, check out these tips from providers of cremation services in Eugene, OR.


Elements of an Urn to Keep in Consideration

If you are considering creating your own urn, there are some key elements you will want to keep in mind, Each element should be addressed so that the overall urn will not only function as intended but have a nice design aesthetic. The elements you should keep in consideration when creating your loved one’s urn include:

  1. Color
  2. Design
  3. Size
  4. Material
  5. Shape
  6. Custom elements

Breaking it down this way and focusing on each element will make the process of designing and creating your own urn much easier.


What Materials Can You Use?

If you are crafty or handy you may wish to make the entire urn yourself. This means constructing a box or other container by hand from wood or another material. If you are not as handy or would like something already done, you could consider using items such as a wooden box, vase, glass jar, or even a toolbox or wine bottle. You can find most of these items around your home, online, or even at second-hand stores or flea markets.

If you would like to have a container that is already made you could also look at third-party websites such as Etsy. There are many artisans that offer urn containers on sites such as this.


Make it a Family Project

cremation services in Eugene, ORIf you are creating and designing the urn yourself, get the whole family involved. This can be a very therapeutic project as you are all working together to create something meaningful for your loved one who has passed. You could even take turns sharing fond memories or stories about your loved one.

Not only will it be a healing project for the family, but every time you look at the urn you can remember everyone’s love and support that went into making it.


Should You Create Your Own Urn or Purchase a Ready-Made One?

Creating a loved one’s urn as a D.I.Y isn’t for everyone. Some people may prefer the simplicity of having an urn that is already made and ready for use. Other families may enjoy the process of the project and creating it from scratch. Whether you should create your own urn or purchase one that is ready-made is up to you.

If you would like more information on cremation services in Eugene, OR., or need help in the selection of an urn, please come by or call anytime as we are here and available to answer all your questions and concerns.

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