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When you lose a spouse, your whole world may feel upside down. Even if it has been a while, on special days, such as their birthday, these feelings of grief can all come back again. Because of this, many people may prefer to ignore or skip these important dates. However, celebrating these days and remembering the good times can actually help us heal. Directors of funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. Share these touching ways you can celebrate your spouse on their important days.

1. Pick Out a Card

Pick Out a Card

If you loved picking out cards for your spouse when they were alive, continue the tradition. Feel free to continue this activity and head to the card store to find that perfect sentiment. You can still write a little note inside and say the words that are in your heart. You can then place the card in a special place to hold on to or let friends and/or family members read it.

2. Write a Poem or Letter

Write a Poem or Letter

Take some time to sit quietly and write a poem or letter for your spouse. Tell them how much you love them and how you have been coping since their passing. Share with them a nice thing that happened to you or how you have grown in strength. You could even just recap a favorite memory that you two shared. When the letter or poem is complete, you could choose to read it to family, post online, or keep it completely secret and stash it away in a special place. Holding a viewing can be healing for both the grieving family as well as the guests.

3. Take the Day Off

Take the Day Off

Sometimes you just need a day off. A day off from work, from chores, and from day-to-day life. Celebrate your spouse’s special day by taking the day off and spending it just being happy. Do things like watch movies with your kids, go to the park, go for a long hike, or create and cook a special dinner. Whatever makes you happy, do that.

4. Explore Their Favorite Hobby

Explore Their Favorite Hobby

Did your spouse have a favorite hobby or passion? What did they love to do? Was it cooking? Fishing? Doing yoga? Painting? Whatever their favorite hobby was, take some time and engage in that activity. You could do it on your own or take a class and invite friends and other family members to join you. Participating in something your spouse loved will help you feel connected and close to them on their special day.

Final Thoughts

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Losing a spouse can be one of the most challenging things we will have to face. You most likely rely on them in many ways and now having to navigate his new reality can be difficult. As directors of funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. we truly understand this. That is why we suggest celebrating your spouse on their special days. Although it may bring some feelings of sadness and loss, it can also provide a way to honor their memory and feel very close and connect to them. Give us a call to know more about our services.




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