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Selecting a headstone for your loved one’s gravesite can be a challenging task. Not only do you have to decide things like the style and material, but you will also need to choose what to have engraved on it as well as any other designs or embellishments. With so much to think about, there are many things that people may overlook or forget to ask during this process. Directors of funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. cover some of the important things you want to make sure you address.

Necessary Documents You Will Need

There are certain documents you will need when purchasing a headstone. Make sure you have all of these necessary papers completed and you can make the purchase of the headstone move much more smoothly. The documents you should have include:

  • Photo Release Forms
  • Marker authorization form
  • Setting forms
  • Concrete border release forms

Obtain a Copy of the Rules and Regulation

When you purchased the burial plot from the cemetery, you were most likely given a copy of their rules and regulations when it comes to things like headstones. This is important to have and review as each cemetery can have very different rules on what they allow, and don’t allow, to be installed.

For example, there could be restrictions on what type of material the headstone is made from or even the color. You want to take all of the regulations into consideration when selecting your headstone.

Does the Headstone Come with a Warranty?

Many people may not even think to ask this, but knowing if your headstone comes with a warranty is very important. Headstones are a big purchase and you want to make sure it is protected from things like defects, workmanship problems, and other issues.

Ask if the headstone comes with a warranty and if so, make sure you have a clear understanding of what is covered.

Is There a Setting Fee?

An expense that many people may be unaware of when it comes to headstones is what is called a setting fee. Also referred to as a placement fee, this expense covers the cost of installing the headstone as well as future maintenance and maintenance of the grounds. This fee can range widely depending on the cemetery and even the city or county so always make sure you ask about the set fee, how much it is, and what is included.

When Will the Headstone Be Ready?

funeral homes in Cottage Grove, ORHaving your headstone created will take time. If you need the marker by a certain date, always inform the headstone provider of this so they can make sure the timeline is doable. Typically, a smaller marker can be completed within about 3-4 weeks with a larger upright monument taking closer to a couple of months. Of course, this timeline can change based on things such as the design and other customizations you wish for it to have.

After you make arrangements for your loved one with funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR. selecting the headstone will be an important step. Keeping these important factors in mind can help make the process much easier. Holding a viewing can be healing for both the grieving family as well as the guests.

If you would like more information about funeral homes in Cottage Grove, OR., we are always here to answer your questions and help you with anything services you may need.

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