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A memorial program is an important piece of service. This program is a pamphlet containing important information about the service such as the order of events, and speakers, as well as any other additional information the family would like to include such as special thank you or acknowledgments. Not only does this program list vital content, but it provides an opportunity to express the deceased’s style and personality in the design choices. Providers of cremation services in Eugene, OR. Share how.

Personalizing the Cover Image

The first way to personalize the program is with the image that is placed on the front cover. While most families choose a portrait-style image of their loved one, this is not the only type that can be used. Look through photos of your loved one and see if there is one that shows off their personality a little more. Maybe they were an avid fisherman and there is an image of them holding their big catch of the day. If there are several images you like, consider creating a collage on the cover. Just make sure that the images are good quality and have them as the main focus.

Personalize the Inside

While the inside pages of the program contain the order of services, consider adding more information about your loved one. You could even add more pages if there is not enough room. Some ideas you could include are:

  • A poem they personally wrote
  • Notes friends or family wrote to them
  • A favorite recipe they loved
  • A list of awards or certificates they achieved
  • Add in drawings or doodles they drew

Sharing your feelings and grief and hearing about theirs can help you understand you are not alone and that what you are feeling is valid. Think of what made your loved one unique. What were their passions and hobbies? If they loved to travel, you could incorporate a list of all the counties they visited. Were they avid concert goer, list all the bands they had seen?

Customize the Design

cremation services in Eugene, OROther than the actual content of the program, you can also customize it with the design. Design elements that can be used are things like:

  • Font – Was your loved one bubbly, sweet, funny, logical, or serious? Fonts can represent all of these feelings and more. Just make sure that whatever font you choose, is also easy and clear to read. Don’t sacrifice the function of the font for the decorative element.
  • Colors – Did your loved one has a favorite color or colors? Did they like happy, bright colors? Peaceful palettes? Neutral tones? Incorporate these colors into the program. Maybe they didn’t have a favorite color combination, but they were avid fans of a certain sports team. If so, you could use the teams’ colors.
  • Overall Style – What style would they have liked the program to be? Did they love boho chic? Country? Urban? Luxury? Pretty? Simple? Think about their style and use it as the overall theme for the program.

When designing the program for your loved one’s cremation services in Eugene, OR. don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and make it unique to them. Guests will enjoy reading the added extra content and feel closer to the deceased.

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