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Families who are choosing cremation services in Eugene, OR have many options as to how to handle the remains afterward. Some families may wish to hold the remains in an urn in one family member’s home, while others may wish to separate the ashes into keepsake urns so that many family members may have an urn. Even still, other families may wish to bury the remains while others may scatter the ashes in a meaningful place. Another option that families choose is to keep the remains in a columbarium.

If you aren’t sure what a columbarium is you are not alone. While many people are familiar with the other choices of ways to handle cremated remains, many people are not as familiar with a columbarium.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure that can be found in cemeteries, churches, cremation gardens, or other memorial sites. They can be seen as stand-alone structures or as part of another building or structure and can be inside or outside.

The columbarium structure is made up of spaces called “niches”. These niches are the spaces that hold the urns. The niches can have a metal or stone front so that the contents inside the niche are not displayed, or a glass front where the urn is able to be seen.

With a metal or stone front niche, there is typically an engraving on the front that serves as a marker. It often will have the deceased’s name and perhaps a short epitaph. A glass front niche cannot be engraved, but since the niche can be seen, families may wish to add a small photo or other personal moments that can be on display.

Why Families May Choose a Columbarium

cremation services in Eugene, OROf course, the reasons why a family may decide to use a columbarium for their loved one’s remains differ, but some of the most common reasons are:

  • Beautiful settings– Columbariums are found in designated places for honoring the dead and therefore tend to be in beautiful surroundings. The grounds may include bright flowers, walkways, fountains, or other water features, as well as benches and other areas to sit and reflect.
  • Easy access for all visitors– A columbarium provides a general location that any and all family members and friends can visit anytime. This makes it much more convenient than, for example, if the urn was in a home where arrangements would need to be made prior to visiting.
  • Families can be interred together – If a family would like to be interred together, columbariums provide that opportunity. Families may purchase niches that are grouped together.

Considerations When Choosing a Columbarium

When choosing a columbarium for your loved one’s remains, some things to consider include:

  • Location– If you have several family members in different locations, it may be a good choice to select a columbarium that is in a central location for everyone.
  • Inside/Outside– If you live in an area with extreme temperatures or other weather conditions, you may want to consider a columbarium that is inside away from the elements. However, if you live in a mild climate, an outside columbarium may be wonderful so that when you visit you are surrounded by fresh air and sunshine.

If you would like more information about columbariums or other options for your loved one’s remains after their cremation services in Eugene, OR, give us a call or come by anytime.


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