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As directors of funeral homes in Eugene, OR., we understand that you want your loved one’s funeral service to be as special and personal as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to create a tribute video to be played during the service.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an experienced videographer or a technical genius to create this video as there is much easy-to-understand software available for you to use. To help you get started, we are going to talk today about some of the best tips and practices when it comes to making this special tribute.


How to Create the Tribute Video

The first thing you will need to decide is how you will be creating the video tribute. As mentioned there is a variety of software and websites that you can use to create your video. Take some time to do an internet search and decide on what program you will be using. If you feel confused or lost, have a family member or friend help you.


Gather Good Content

The next thing you will need to do is begin to collect all the content you wish to add. Finding the perfect photographs, videos, and other elements to include can really help to express your loved one’s personality, life, and what they were all about.

Things to look for to include are:

  • Favorite photographs – These could include photos you have or photos from others
  • Videos – these could be videos you took or videos from other sources such as family, friends, or events you loved one’s own videos they took on their phone
  • Awards / Certificates – If you don’t have a digital file to add, simply take a picture of the paper image and add that photo in
  • Other important Mementos – If there are any other personal mementos you want to add, simply take a picture as you did with the certificate and add that digital image in. This could be for things such as trophies you want to show off, or many they had a car or other project they were working on, etc.

Choose Fitting Music Selection

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A big part of the video is the imagery but don’t forget to pay attention to the music selection as well. This music will be used in the background as the images are changing from one to another. Make sure to choose a song that reflects the mood and personality of your loved one. You could also choose to add one of their favorite songs or a song by their favorite band or artist. Even better, if they were in a band or were a singer, you could play one of their original songs.


Final Thoughts

Having a tribute video to be played during your loved one’s funeral service is a wonderful way to remember and honor them. Not only that, but friends and family members alike will enjoy seeing the pictures of their loved ones happy in life. When making arrangements with funeral homes in Eugene, OR., make sure to talk to your funeral director about a tribute video as they may even be able to create it for you.

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