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When making arrangements for your loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OR. an important decision is the selection of the urn. This will be the vessel that holds your loved one’s remains, and as such, you want it to be beautiful, meaningful, and durable. With so many options, it can be challenging to know exactly which one to choose. To help you in this decision, we are listing some of the most commonly made mistakes consumers make so you can be aware of what they are and how to avoid them.

Not Selecting the Right Material

Urns can be found made from a variety of materials. Some of the most common are wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and steel. Many consumers may choose an urn based on the design, but fail to take the material into consideration. This is a mistake because not having the right material in the right situation can cause the urn to decay or even break.

For example, a wooden urn may look great in a room in the house that has the sunshine gleaming in, however, this may not be the best material for an urn for this situation. Wood urns, when exposed to direct sunlight and heat, crack and warp over time.

When selecting your urn talk to the provider about where you may be placing the urn so that they can help you decide on the most appropriate materials.

Getting the Wrong Volume

One common factor when it comes to urns that many people are not aware of is that they come in different sizes of different volumes. The volume of the urn is measured in cubic inches, and you typically need one cubic inch per every pound the body weighed. So, if your loved one weighed 140 pounds, you would need an urn of at least 140 cubic inches. Make sure you pay attention to the volume of the urn and select the right choice.

Getting the Wrong Size

cremation services in Springfield, ORAlong with ensuring the urn is the correct volume, if you are placing the urn in a space such as a columbarium niche, you want to be aware that is the right size as far as height and width. The same goes true if you plan on displaying the urn on a certain bookshelf or such as you want to ensure it can fit and rest in the space securely.

Not Setting a Budget

When shopping for an urn, it is very easy to be carried away by fancier, more expensive options and perhaps make a purchase that you come to regret later. To avoid this, set a firm budget before you even begin looking at urns. When talking to urn providers, make them fully aware of your budget so that you are only looking at options that fall within that range.

If you need more support, take a friend or family member to help you. They can not only offer extra strength to stay on target with your budget, but they can also offer a second opinion should you need input selecting the urn.

Selecting an urn for your loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OR. can be daunting, but by avoiding these commonly made mistakes, you will be able to select an urn that will meet your needs as well as serve as a beautiful memorial for your loved one.

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