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After your loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OR you may wonder what you should do with their remains. While some people choose to keep the remains in an urn in their home, that is by no means all the choices available. And with cremation becoming an increasingly popular choice, more and more companies are creating additional ways to use the remains in unique ways. Let’s look at four of these ways now.

1. Send Remains Into Space

Yep, you read that right. You can actually send a portion of the remains into space. The company Celestis can send the remains into space alongside actual space missions. This is done with real astronauts and the remains can be sent to the lunar surface, the earth’s orbit, or even deep into outer space. They also offer packages that include things like a tour of the launch sites and meeting and talking with the astronauts. If you are looking for something that is out of this world, this is it.

2. Turn Remains Into a Real Diamond

If you would rather have the remains stay here on earth and last forever, consider having them turned into a diamond. Companies today can take a small portion of remains and, by recreating naturally occurring events in their lab, turn them into a real diamond. The diamond can then be used as any other diamond. Some consumers choose to have it used in a setting for a ring or necklace, while others may keep it on display.

3. Cremation Memorial Tattoo

Want to keep your loved one super close to you at all times? Consider a cremation memorial tattoo. While this is still a newer concept, it is catching on as more tattoo artists are becoming familiar with the technique.

To create a cremation tattoo, the tattoo artist will mix a small portion of the remains with the tattoo ink. Then, the ink is applied just as with any other “regular” tattoo. While this idea isn’t for everybody, for those who like tattoos and wish to truly have their loved one close to them, it can be a perfect choice.

4. Create a Unique Piece of Art

cremation services in Springfield, ORTattoo artists aren’t the only ones infusing cremated remains into their work. Glass blowers are also using this idea to create beautiful pieces ranging from sculptures to glass stones, candle holders, and more.

The glass blower will create the piece as they normally would except that when the glass is in its molten form, it will infuse some remains in with it. They will then design the glass and let it cool. The final pieces are stunning and make for wonderful keepsakes.

Final Thoughts

While there is nothing wrong with keeping your loved one’s remains in an urn in your home, some families may wish to do something a little more unconventional. You can see here that there are many options for these families to choose from. And with cremation services in Springfield, OR. increasing in popularity, more and more unique options are being created every day. We are committed to keeping your final needs affordable, dignified, and personal.


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