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After your loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OR., creating a memorial for them can be a wonderful way to help you deal with grief as well as create something that honors them and keeps their memory alive. While there are several ways you can do this, creating a monument is a popular choice.

Many people may think of headstones as the only type of monument you can create, but if your loved one was cremated they may not have a burial space and therefore no option for a headstone. Luckily there are many options other than headstones to honor your loved one. Keep reading for five types of monuments you can create for your loved one who has been cremated.

1. Cremation Bench

A cremation bench is a very common monument and you have probably come across one in a park or other public area before. These benches are often placed at a site where a loved one’s cremains have been scattered. If the bench is unable to be set at the scattering site, there is another type of bench that is often used. This bench is hollow inside and allows the ashes to be set inside this hollow inside space. Often times these benches will also have an inscription with the person’s name and perhaps include a saying or quote. These benches not only serve as a wonderful tribute but provide a place where people can sit and reflect.

2. Cremation Stone

A cremation stone is a very unique way to not only have a tribute to your loved one, but also a special place to hold their remains. Cremation stones can be found in several designs and are hollow inside so that they act as an urn. These are wonderful additions to a garden or other outside area.

3. Garden Planter Urn

cremation services in Springfield, OR If you have private property, such as a family garden, then a garden planter urn is a wonderful choice for your monument. These garden planter urns come in several shapes and sizes and have a space for your loved one’s remains in the bottom portion while the top portion serves as a planter. If you do not have private property to set this planter urn on they can also oftentimes be set in cemeteries and other public areas with permission of course.

4. Pedestal Monument

These monuments are typically made from granite but can be found made from other materials as well. Pedestal monuments are comprised of a long, large block that houses an urn inside, with a decorative element such as a statue on top. These monuments can be seen in cemeteries, cremation gardens, as well as other memorial sites.

Final Thoughts

After your loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OR.. creating a monument can be a healing activity that also serves as a tribute to your loved one that will last for years to come. While many people may think there are not many options when it comes to cremation since there is no burial site, you can see that there are several ways to honor your loved one.


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